Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009


This is some super 90s new age featuring "world music" sounds like from those Deep Forest CDs that were real popular with yuppies and primary school contemporary dance groups. It's way better than that though, the big reverby guitar solo in 'Born 2 Chill', 'Afterschool Slowrider's galactic beats and the foresty Lucky Dragons rhythms in 'Wet Smoke 1997' make this perfect for iTunes visualizer transcendence or maybe even a particularly psychedelic early morning yoga session. Hop on yr vibeboard and glide through these hotboxed chasms of saturated VHS stills and dolphin bongs

New Yoga Myspace

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Bethany from Pocahaunted goes ocean sparkly and sun stoned in this new project Best Coast (aka West Coast USA, LA to be specific). I haven't been to America but I'm pretty obsessed with it (esp. Oregon/Pacific Northwest, aurora borealis in Alaska, roadside diners, NYC, New England etc) but LA is becoming increasingly appealing with its combination of pastel condos and concrete sunshine. Is it actually even like that though? That's what I got from 90210 and Curb Your Enthusiasm, but also from stuff like Best Coast - juicy orange sweet melodies intercepted with fuzzy static from all the aerials and satellite signals beaming celeb goss and American Idol to the TV in my lounge. Listening to Bethany's vocals I can't help thinking of Courtney Love/Hole and that desperate passion which also fits well into the glamour-badass LA aesthetic. Bobb Bruno features here too, responsible for adding drums and "beach boys basslines and other amazing things". There's a 7" and cassette on the horizon & probably some mermaids too.

Best Coast Myspace